Le Festival des Montgolfières à Duluth

(Duluth Balloon Festival)

September 20-21-22, 2013

For the first time in 120 years hot air balloons will decend on Duluth, Minnesota. From 1893-1903 Hot Air Balloons were a regular fixture as part of Duluth's Independence Day Celebrations. In 1893, 16,000 spectators came out for the annual festival located at the Pavillion on top of Duluth's incline station.

120 Years later, Kernz & Kompany, in conjunction with the Duluth Airshow, are proud to re-launch this family event at Bayfront Festival Park FREE to the region for three (3) days, September 20-21-22, 2013.

The Duluth Balloon Festival will feature 12 Hot Air Balloons. Activities will include: Grand Launch (weather permitting), Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides, Launching/Recovery of Weather Balloons, hands on activities by NASA, National Weather Service (NOAA), Concert by the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and much more. Check back often as information and events will be updated regularly.


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